Medica Station 3dpro Hamburg

Engineering and design

Any beginning is a good idea.

Over the years we have gained widespread experience and sound knowledge in our widespread field of work. At the same time we design and construct with a love for detail, without losing sight of the big picture.

The life cycle of all machinery and products is defined by their design and construction - for which engineers are highly accountable. The right ideas in the development process are the deciding factors for a machine or product to attract a market. Designers and engineers define the shape and design of a product (product design). And in doing so they already determine a large part of the costs.


Our range of services includes:

  • research
  • feasibility study
  • cost calculation
  • Design and construction
  • 2D drafting including BOM
  • 3D modelling (parts, assemblies, framework structures, layout, ...)
  • Plastic-parts development
  • assembly engineering
  • prototype construction management
  • technical documentation
  • consulting and support
  • project Management

Any construction requires a great deal of background knowledge, as well as the exact planning and controlling of the processes involved. The key to success is not only expertise in the STEM fields but also experience in mechatronics, manufacturing and materials engineering. We aim to get your products fit and ready to market.