iPad holder for your kitchen cupboard


The iPad Kitchen Holder is a complement and upgrade to your kitchen. Use your tablet PC and rest assured it is safe of liquids and will not takes up valuable space on the work surface. The positioning at eye level gives you a perfect view of the device. At a glance you can check your favourite recipes, watch your favourite show, read your favourite magazines or connect with your loved ones via video chat.
The iPad Kitchen Holder can be fitted without further screws or adhesion devices, saving it from unnecessary blemishes or worse from trying to put it up. Anti-slip pads provide extra grip. A powder coating on the metal body gives it a high-quality appearance and “easy-to-clean” protection.

Measurements: W=216 x D=300 x H=115 Weight : approx. 410gr.+/-10gr.

Courtesy of xainou.com
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