Super-automatic coffee machine

Numerous statutory and legal requirements apply when processing coffee for the industry. They must be observed and taken into account in the design.

Over time all technologies are improved continuously. Even the preparation of a good coffee is adapted to new technological possibilities. Therefore the development is not limited to the bodywork of the machine but extends to the heart of the actual matter, i.e. mixing the individual liquids and generating the perfect foam. New manufacturing technologies, especially the plastics injection moulding, allow material mixes that lead to a fresh, harmonious overall composition.

We supervise all steps of product development - from the first idea to the SOP with our expertise but also with other helpful tools for simulations and assemblability studies. As a result many failure causes are already detected and eliminated during the development phase.

With the engineering touch of 3dpro GmbH we are sure you will thoroughly enjoy your coffee. Yet another machine "Engineered in Germany".

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Holger Daum | 3dpro GmbH
Duration: 0:50 mins.