Working light –
The changing of the bulbs

See the light.

Everybody knows a working light or mobile flood light. This bright translucent little helper in its conventional design is usually equipped with halogen illuminants. When using the lamps continuously for a long period of time the disadvantages are obvious: the lamps get very hot, the halogen linear bulbs blow and need changing.

Anybody, who has ever attempted renovating, will know the problem: no sooner have you started working than the light bulb of your chosen luminaire  blows. Of course, using the term "light bulb" is not really accurate. In the technical jargon we speak of "illuminants" and more specifically of e.g. "halogen linear bulbs", "halogen tubes" or "halogen lamps". In general, the electrical output is 200 to 500 watts, yet due to poor efficiency, only about 20 % is converted into light ─ the remaining 80 % produces heat, which makes the halogen lamp rather hot.

The heat is probably the reason for having to use tools when changing the bulb. In this short VR we demonstrate how to carry out the exchange, so: lights out ─ spot on.



Note: Click and move your computer mouse to control the different views in this VR.